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The Future Of Mobile App Growth Marketing: Emerging Trends And Predictions

Making apps for mobile devices is developing at a dizzying rate. The only way to make it in today's digital Darwinian era is to keep up with the latest and greatest in mobile app development.

The smartphone is now essential to the success of digital media. It has a startling velocity in bringing about significant changes in commercial structures, operational frameworks, and markets. Estimates put the value of the mobile app industry at $693 billion by 2022.

However, a terrifying reality is that most mobile apps are unsuccessful. The leading cause of this failure is the need for more attention and the adoption of adopting practices in mobile app development.

The first thing you should do if you want your mobile app to be successful in 2022 is to keep up with the latest trends in mobile app development. In further depth, let's discuss some of the most recent trends and predictions.

Emerging Trends:

Many fresh directions are taking shape in mobile app creation this year, but we've narrowed it down to the top 14 using extensive data and analysis.

1. Mobile Wallets

The epidemic compelled us to adjust our ways of living and focus instead on using digital resources. Whether it's buying groceries or compensating a service provider, most transactions can now be completed in an instant online. Mobile payment systems, made possible by mobile wallets, have democratized the ability to make online purchases.

The more people use online money transfers, the more the companies that facilitate these transactions will work to improve their services. Worries over users' money and commerce safety partially hinder mobile wallet development. 

In light of the newfound tendency toward isolation in the wake of the epidemic, contactless payment systems like Apple Pay and Google Pay provide a convenient and secure alternative. In the future, this area of mobile app development will be increasingly important due to the focus on ensuring safe and simple financial transactions.

2. Mobile App for Foldable Displays

While foldable devices now represent a small fraction of the smartphone industry, this will inevitably alter shortly. Fifty million units will be supplied in 2022, per Statista. As such, you should include foldable smartphones in your mobile app development approach. Foldable gadgets present a new challenge for mobile app developers; be sure your apps can function reliably inside them.

Users may benefit from unfolding the gadget to expose a more prominent display:

⦁ With additional real estate, an expansive display allows for a more comprehensive and engaging adventure.

⦁ One of the advantages of multi-window functionality is the increased efficiency with which numerous tasks may be completed simultaneously.

Video streaming and gaming applications may get the most out of foldable smartphones by taking advantage of the extra screen real estate by displaying more content or providing more options for the user.

3. On-Demand Development of Apps

The need for on-demand development apps was seen as a gap in the market for mobile software. Before the on-demand development paradigm, app creation necessitated technical competence and coding experience. Do you own a business and wish to expand using apps? 

The likelihood of your having to construct it yourself is relatively low. An on-demand software can fulfill all of your requirements. The data shows that 42% of individuals have used an on-demand service at least once. As the need for more user-friendly app creation rises, the on-demand development approach is expected to become increasingly popular.

4. Increased focus on customer retention

One of the most important things any business can do is focus on retaining its customers. This is especially true for mobile app businesses, where keeping users engaged for long periods is notoriously tricky.

In the future, we expect to see an increased focus on customer retention as app businesses look for ways to keep their users engaged and loyal. This could include providing better customer service, offering rewards or discounts, and using data analytics to understand user behavior better.

5. Popularity of AR and VR

Several examples of companies now utilizing augmented and virtual reality to enhance the customer service they provide.

⦁ Users may see Ikea furniture in their homes using augmented reality before purchasing.

⦁ L'Oréal offers a virtual cosmetics app so that customers may test out new products before committing to them.

Apple, Google, and Meta also contribute to AR/VR advancements. Google Maps now has a new feature called "Live View," which superimposes real-time direction on top of satellite images.

Apple has even transformed the purchasing process by collaborating with Ikea to introduce a new Studio Mode feature that utilizes LiDAR technology. LiDAR technology scans the space to digitally install a true-to-scale furniture model when the user points their device to where they wish to put the furniture.

The field of mobile app development will be transformed in 2018 by augmented and virtual reality technologies in ways we can't even begin to anticipate. The widespread use of mobile applications is inevitable. Statista predicts that by 2022, the global augmented and virtual reality market will have increased from $29 billion in 2018.

Users of augmented and virtual reality systems will also increase dramatically in 2018. This means you have a fantastic opportunity to exploit these developments in mobile app development to create truly transformative experiences for mobile consumers.

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Mobile app growth marketing is increasing and interesting. Marketers have several options with each new technology. As we go, development and smartly targeted trends will define this space. New app development services, data management solutions, and AI-driven augmented reality capabilities that promise to provide mobile consumers with a more immersive experience are expected in the next year or two.