How to get Mobile App Reviews in Microsoft Teams with AppReviewBot

Search for your app on AppReviewBot

1. Type your app name in the search bar at and select it from the dropdown list.

AppReviewBot App Search Bar
Can’t find your app? Try pasting your App Store URL in the search bar.

2. Enter your email address then paste in your custom incoming webhook. Don’t have a webhook URL? Keep scrolling!

AppReviewBot Signup Form

Setup a custom Incoming Webhook in Microsoft Teams

1. In Microsoft Teams select Apps from the left side panel.

Microsoft Teams Apps Button

2. Choose Connectors from the Apps list.

Microsoft Teams Connectors Button

3. Next, select Incoming Webhook from the list of connectors.

Microsoft Teams Incoming Webhook Button

4. Click Add to a team

Microsoft Teams Add To A Team Button

5. Click the search bar and choose the channel you would like your app reviews to appear in.

Microsoft Teams Channel Search Box

6. Name your webhook AppReviewBot, upload an image and select Create.

Microsoft Teams Custom Incoming Webhook Creation Form
Sidenote: Get the AppReviewBot Icon image here.

7. Copy your Incoming Webhook URL and select Done.

Microsoft Teams Copy Incoming Webhook URL

Finalize your signup and start receiving app reviews in Microsoft Teams

1. Paste your webhook URL in the AppReviewBot signup form and click Get App Reviews in Microsoft Teams.

Finalize Your AppReviewBot Signup

2. That’s it! Your reviews will start showing up in your Microsoft Teams channel immediately.

App Review in Microsoft Teams Preview
How your app reviews will look in Microsoft Teams.